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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Interesting Interview!

I have been wanting to write about this girl for such a long, long time!
If I haven't mentioned somewhere already, I love fashion illustration!

I first stumbled across her work some year or so ago, and through various emails and whatnot, when I originally was going to use some of her work on my website (which still isn’t up yet, sorry) I ended up watching her re-do and update her site etc etc and then finally, got an interview out of her! :D

Let me introduce you to one of my favourites, Olka  Osadzinska.

Olka is from Poland and has worked with various big names such as Nike, Reebok and Jagermeister. She has done great projects and worked with designers and fashion and lifestyle magazines.

She has been featured in several magazines, with her works fast becoming known as some of the best digital fashion illustration. Her style of art is very  eclectic with lots of cheeky expressions and playfulness of the subjects. 

She has a ‘news’ link on her site as well – a sort of mini-blog where she posts what she is doing And side notes, to get an insight into the workings of this great mind.
If you want to check out her site, have a look here. Otherwise, see below for my exclusive interview with her!

5 words I would use to describe myself are....
 Stubborn but understanding, hard-working, observing, talentless!

3 things you will always find in my fridge...
 Milk, redbull light, watermelon.

My days start at about....
 It depeneds. It used to start very early, around 6-7am, now I have
problems getting up at 8, so it's usually around 9am. But I still love
working early in the morning.

My fashion sense can be described as...
 I have never thought of this, but I guess simple, modern, sensual. I
like to wear monochrome.
I like a few basic colors with only a few exceptions for each season,
my favorites are black, gray, white, camel, pale blue, navy blue,
grayish shades of pink. And simple forms.
I love Ania Kuczyńska's designs. She's the best Polish fashion designer.

My works are described as...
Colorful? Feminine/girly? Once I've heard shallow, and this is all true I guess.
I don't really know what people say. I would say pop.

I first was interested in fashion illustration / graphic design.....
 I was always interested in all the things you would put under the name
"art", even at the time when I was a medicine student. I just never
thought I could be a part of it, I had no talent and didn't really
know that you don't need to be talented to do this, sometimes hard
work can do the job.

My favourite piece of work is.....
It varies of course. And it's hard for me to like any particular work,
cause I get bored with them or - after the first moments of joy - I
see what I could have done better. But in the last two years two
projects still make me smile - the Jaegermeister advertorial and the
Reebok World Tour drawing series. And I liked the Nite Stories
painting series, but I've sold everything.

I have recently finished.... So many different things.. Jeremy Scott portrait, Lady Gaga drawing,
some fashion illustrations for Fujitsu notebooks and for a cool book
that will be released in September, first aid drawings for a telephone
application (sic!) for the biggest mobile network provider in Poland.
I'm finishing the last compositions for a fashion illustration
exhibition that will take place in Warsaw in August. There's loads of
stuff going on.

In 5 years I hope to be....
That's a hard question, but I hope I'll be in NYC in my beautiful
white loft studio.

Fashion in Warsaw, Poland is.....
 The word "fashion" in Warsaw applies to very few people and places,
which is a shame. It's cool to see all the young kids though - wearing
cool clothes and experimenting with fashion.
The saddest thing is that Polish celebrities are the worst dressed
people you could imagine. I just recently looked thru hundreds of red
carpet photos from all around the world, as a research, and you really
don't need to know faces to know you're looking at Polish stars.

The last movie I saw was....
Whatever works, An Education and Lie to me tv series, but I'm always
late with the movies due to my work.

The magazine I am subscribed to at the moment is....

My favourite thing about the work I do is....
There are only favorite things about this work, and this is why I love
it and do it.
I like working on my own, in my apartment, with no people around. I
like being concentrated and calm, this work is almost like trimming a
bonsai tree.

Last place I travelled was.....
 I was so busy in the last few weeks that I went swimming in the river
near Warsaw, but this will change now, I'm going to Budapest next
weekend, then probably London, Berlin in September, LA for three weeks
in October. My last foreign travels were to Berlin and Milan.

Something that always inspires me is...
Fashion. Pop art in it's core - Warhol, Lichtenstein, Katz, Kelly.
Vintage illustration and vintage children book illustration. Not much
of this gets into my works but I'm always enchanted with this.

My favourite curse word is....
Obvioulsy KURWA. It's the most popular Polish curse word..

The last thing I bought was...
 Melissa balerinas and short wellingtons by Vivienne Westwood for
Melissa. I love shopping though, I buy things all the time.

When I was younger I wanted to be....
A doctor. Later I realised I didn't really want to treat and cure
people, I wanted to tell them "We did it/ We've made it", which I can
do in any other job as well.

My favourite place to shop is....

 New York! In Warsaw: Ania Kuczyńska's Mokotowska 61 store, she has the
most beautiful bags. For the everyday stuff COS and Zara.

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